Announcing Forge Essentials Build 1330 for 1.7.10

So, this had a while to stew, and we thought we should push a new build to CurseForge.


Server download


Client download


EDIT: I know this is late and some of you might already have hit it, but you will need Java 8 to run build 1330.

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We now have a Discord server!

So we finally bit the bullet and decided to open a Discord server.


Join us here for FE news, discussion, shitposting, and memes!




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Final builds for 1.8.9

Well, since most of our 1.10 blockers are already out of the way, we’ve decided to start moving development to 1.10.2.

As such, build 103 will most probably be the last build for 1.8.9, unless we find some major issue that we need to fix.


Note that you will need Java 8 for this build.


Download server:

Download client:

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It’s been nine months.

Plenty of things have been happening in FE since we last updated this site, especially of late, so I though I’d drop you guys a quick update..

1.8.0 has been permanently discontinued, the final releases are on our curseforge page.

As for 1.8.9, since we have some awesome stuff that we’re working on now (we’ll share more info later), we want to make sure 1.8.9 users can also benefit from this new awesome stuff. I’ll put out a 1.8.9 release on curseforge once we get this done.

Hence, even though we’re maintaining a 1.10.2 branch, please don’t expect 1.10.2 builds to start until 1.8.9 is discontinued, which will only happen after the “awesome stuff” is done.

I guess that should be all for now, then.

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Upcoming end of support for Minecraft 1.8.0

So with the recent release of Minecraft Forge for 1.8.9, and plenty of servers expressing interest in the new version, we are planning to soon retire support for Minecraft 1.8.0.

We will still publish builds for Minecraft 1.7.10, but our 1.8.x branch will switch to targeting 1.8.9 instead. This will allow us to do a few things:

  • Compatibility with Sponge API, who now have 1.8.9 builds of SpongeForge available (hopefully I can talk about this more in a later blog post)
  • Require Java 8 for servers (and maybe clients). This should not be an issue as Java 8 has been out for a while now.
  • Some more other things which we haven’t decided on yet.

We hope you will be able to understand why we’re doing this, and any questions can and will be answered on the relevant github issue.

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New explosion permissions

With effect from 1.7.10 build 1048, please take note that some permissions have changed.

The permission has been deprecated and is no longer in use.

Please use the<mod>.<blockid> permission instead – it is far superior and allows you to fine-tune what blocks are destroyed in an explosion. If you need the old behaviour, it can be replicated by using*.

To get the exact list of permissions, please refer to the PermissionsList.txt file generated by your server.

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1.8 build 54 posted to CurseForge

It’s been more than two months since an updated 1.8 build has been posted to CurseForge, so I’m making a quick post today to let everyone know that I’ve uploaded build 54 to CurseForge as a stable release. This new build contains quite a lot of fixes and improvements.

This will probably be the second last, if not the last, release of FE for 1.8.0. As Forge for 1.8.8 is in the process of stabilization, we intend to port to 1.8.8 at the earliest opportunity.

You can get the download here.

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