My project page for FE.

You can find FE related news here.

Curseforge page and releases are here.

The github (issues, wiki, code) is here.

Beta builds are here.


5 Responses to ForgeEssentials

  1. Roee Lieber says:

    I am having some problems. What is the best way to get help? (using magic world 2 mod + FE)

  2. Hey luacs! Love love love the work with this! Saved me a lifetime of work with my ftb server! 🙂 I am currently having an issue using the /nick command and i have not been able to find any forum regarding the same thing. Currently if I use /nick &4Test&bNick It will say it’s been changed, then when I type into the chat it shows up as “&4Test&bNick” in all blue. It does not remove the color codes. Can you please assist me with this? Thanks you in advance!!

  3. Terje Olsen says:

    Exciting… Is this going to be updated to 1.8?

  4. Hi, thanks for making this. Two questions though: 1) Is it possible to do the sign thing? You know, where they stick to chests, and you type your name on them and only you can open that chest?
    2) Multiworld. Is it possible to create portals to them, or is the only way to get in via teleport commands?

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