[1.7.10] FE 1.4.0 (yay, finally!)

Took us a while, but we are now proud to present the first official release of FE for 1.7.10!

Note that with this release, 1.6.4 builds of FE will no longer be supported.

A lot of things changed in this release, so I’d like to highlight the key points:

Changelog from

  • Update to Minecraft 1.7.10.
  • Most modules have been completely rewritten.
    • Permissions and protection modules should now be faster and take up less server resources.
      • New stuff like permission descriptions should help in identifying permissions
    • Playerlogger should now be faster, too.
    • Chat should now work better
    • Worldborder has been reworked
      • The filler has been moved to the commands module and is now /pregen
    • Economy has also received some major reworks
      • You can now use the economy module to trade real estate in the server.
  • New multiworld module – if you know MultiWorld from Bukkit, this is pretty similar.
  • A new remoting module will now allow you to remotely control your server without logging in, using any client implementing our API (we have a Remoting Client, and I’ve heard an app is in the works too)
  • You now require the client mod to use /noclip
  • A lot of backend stuff has been reworked too.
  • You can now use Forge WorldEdit with FE for both selections and using FE to manage WorldEdit command permissions (in fact, FE comes with Forge WorldEdit)
  • Over 500 fixes and improvements

To reiterate once again, WorldEdit build 3370 is included with FE and will be extracted on first server start. You do not need to download WorldEdit unless you wish to use a newer version. Also, Forge 1258 or newer is required.

Known issues:

  • If you wish to use Fastcraft with FE, please get the 1.22 test builds from the end of player’s thread. Fastcraft 1.21 has a current known issue with FE.
  • Teleporting in some cases may be derpy, this may be a minecraft bug.
  • /pregen may not generate worlds properly in some cases.

Changelog from 1.4.0-beta8:

  • /speed no longer requires the client mod.

Download: ServerComplete Client

For reference, this is Jenkins build 785.


About luacs1998

Light novel translator, Minecraft modder and community observer. Also a former lead developer of ForgeEssentials, now a member of the BurstLinkers translation team. "The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death."
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One Response to [1.7.10] FE 1.4.0 (yay, finally!)

  1. moddylp says:

    Nice good work Lucas i really proud of you becouse we need a good economy system. 😉

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