[1.7.10] FE 1.4.0-beta7

Plenty of new stuff!

Notable changes in this beta release:

  • New playerlogger, fully rewritten. Should be faster, and offer more features.
  • Plots/economy is now mostly implemented.
  • The ASM compatibility issues between Mixin and other mods have been resolved (with possibly the exception of Fastcraft*, add -Dfastcraft.asm.permissive to your launch args or wait for a new Fastcraft release from Player).
  • General fixes and improvements. Once again, too many to list.

To reiterate once again, WorldEdit build 3370 is included with FE and will be extracted on first server start. You do not need to download WorldEdit unless you wish to use a newer version. Also, Forge 1258 or newer is required.

Download: ServerComplete Client

* Some players are reporting that Fastcraft is working for them, however I am not able to get the fix to work. You’ll have to try things out for yourself.


About luacs1998

Light novel translator, Minecraft modder and community observer. Also a former lead developer of ForgeEssentials, now a member of the BurstLinkers translation team. "The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death."
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6 Responses to [1.7.10] FE 1.4.0-beta7

  1. Any news for a compatible version with Forge 1.8??

  2. Hi, i’m using your beta7 release and want to design a shop. But i’m having some problems and hoping you can help.

    1. I cannot get the addtowallet to work, it says unknown command. Without this, I can’t seem to find a way to give people currency.
    2. Instead I figured I would just let people use blocks to pay for items using the /sc command. However, with SC using /give, it means I have to let everyone on the server have permissions to use /give. I’ve done this in the hope that people don’t notice they can just run /give themselves. Thsi defeats the point of making a shop. Is there anyway the /sc command can give the item to the player without having to give server wide permissions to /give.
    3. I have been using /area combined with /p to create plots for people. I can deny place and break. But I also want to limit everyone, but the owner of the plot, to interact with a chest and also prevent them from taking items from an item frame. I couldn’t figure out the right permission. Can you help me understand how I can limit this?

  3. whocares0101 says:

    seems to work as well but no fastcraft

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