On LexManos, cleaning house, the Forge community and why he is NOT Forge’s Linus Torvalds

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Well that was an unexpected turn, I admit.

But the fact of the matter is that while I’m glad Asie and Lex may have worked out their differences for the time being, that doesn’t change anything else.

Luacs and his team are still stripped of their position. Dozens of other people have still been insulted or bullied, likely multiple times, with no apology or remorse, and will likely continue. The Forge chat room is still a constant source of bans against people he doesn’t like, or for someone simply asking a question. The forums are similarly hostile, from what I understand. The Forge Github is still solely under his control, where good submissions are frequently ignored or closed, sometimes because he simply doesn’t understand them. He still refuses to do anything that the community has asked to fix 1.8, and still doesn’t even know what he’s doing in that regard. And he may still lock down Forge itself to prevent coremod changes to it, which is unnecessary and unacceptable.

To be blunt, I’m not interested in his apologies. I’m interested in him fixing this mess. Actions speak louder than words.

That is still, unfortunately, the present and not the past. Even if Lex were to reinstate me, I’d resign immediately from his forums.

As I have stated repeatedly, he is an ass, but a capable ass. I might want to revise that statement to say that he’s an arrogant shit as well. Apologizing to asie may only be lip service to show the community that he’s still somewhat of a decent man. But will he follow up on his actions? I really doubt so.

Lex has a whole lot of bullshit to clean up before I’ll even consider returning to my position. I do not want to work under someone like him. I have regrettably lost whatever trust I had in Lex after this episode.

As a note regarding the forums, @diesieben07 and I were the main ones in charge of banning people. I had half a mind to feed Lex his own medicine and give him a posting ban from the support forums, seeing as he himself claims “I am not good with people”, but decided against it.

And regarding PRs, I remember a day where I had to spend 3-4 hours spamming a lot of people’s github news feeds and emails to bump old Forge PR threads, asking if they were still relevant. Only then did Lex actually take action, claiming that he supported my actions because “there were no one asking the questions I didn’t want to ask”.

@cpw, I address this next bit to you. You once likened Lex to Linus Torvalds, but I think that comparison is invalid. Linus has the right to act like a douchebag because he commands the respect of the Linux community. Unlike Forge, the Linux community is very open. Forks everywhere. Anyone can contribute even if Linus thinks they’re scum on earth. All Linus can do is to scream and yell and curse the poor fellow’s entire extended family to oblivion. This is not happening in MinecraftForge. And what Lex is doing is further damaging his standing in the community. Soon, he will be in the position of a despotic dictator, and we all know what History has done to despotic dictators.

In closing, while I, like asie respect Lex for the amount of technical and Minecraft code-related knowledge he has, I think is is grossly unfit to run Forge ALONE. Many people have repeatedly volunteered their help with maintaining Forge, but he refuses to accept other contributors on the basis that they’re not “capable” enough. What is this “capable” you speak of and how can we bring ourselves worthy of being a contributor to MinecraftForge?

Clean up your house, Lex. Or everyone will leave your house and Forge will die. I don’t want that to happen, so if you want Forge (and your ricebowl) to continue to prosper, you need to do something.


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Light novel translator, Minecraft modder and community observer. Also a former lead developer of ForgeEssentials, now a member of the BurstLinkers translation team. "The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death."
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One Response to On LexManos, cleaning house, the Forge community and why he is NOT Forge’s Linus Torvalds

  1. Eric Roman says:

    Beautiful and eloquent.

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