Some ideas for MinecraftForkage (or what makes a credible Forge alternative)

This is a mirror of, in case I get censored and the post removed. The content of this post largely applies to MinecraftForkage, but is good food for thought for those trying to do up Forge alternatives.

The creation of this issue doesn’t mean that I’m going to endorse this project – it’s just that I want to see a credible alternative to Forge, and would like to see some things in an alternative:

  • Firstly, consider a name change. MinecraftForkage is a very spiteful name. Maybe WoodenBlock or something?
  • Native implementation of the Sponge API. The reason why Sponge (the forge mod) was born was because good ol’ LM refused to work with the Sponge team, and adamantly insisted forge remain separate, creating extra work for everyone.
  • Integrate FML, and maybe ChickenBones’ Multiparts or another multipart provider. This would reduce code duplication across projects. (though CBMP may have to be ported to java, unless you guys don’t mind having scala dependencies)
  • Find your own way independent of MinecraftForge. While API compatibility is a good thing, if you are able to build your own community around this API, that would be an even better plus. People have put up with LexManos’ bullshit for so long because there was no other credible alternative, if you can prove you can meet the needs of modders, people will more than readily flock to you.
  • Port to 1.8.1. Eventually. Do this while keeping a support branch for 1.7.10, that will be killed off after a certain period of time has passed since the release of your API for 1.8.1. This will make things easier for the mod-playing public so that they can keep playing with their mods while getting the new spanking mojang toys, even if it’s harder for us modders.
  • Make this API easier to use for modders. Write a gradle plugin, whatever, as long as it is done.
  • Consider modularization. This would allow different people to be put in charge of different aspects of the API and as such would result in a more democratic and less authoritarian developer team.
  • Consider the use of a code review system such as gerrit, This would put the community in control of what goes into the API, and prevent another LM from simply waltzing in and taking over.

Just my 2 cents.


About luacs1998

Light novel translator, Minecraft modder and community observer. Also a former lead developer of ForgeEssentials, now a member of the BurstLinkers translation team. "The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death."
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