[1.7.10] FE 1.4.0-beta3

Plenty of new toys in this release! (yeah I know Christmas is in a few days)

Note: The way we distribute FE has changed. Click this link for more info. Note that builds uploaded to Curseforge do not support switching WE versions yet.

Known issues:

  • Worldborder/Playerlogger is hosed. They will be rewritten in a future release.

Changelog from 1.4.0-beta2:

  • Quality-of-life fixes and improvements. (too many to name)
  • Added portals!
  • Added support for multiworlds!
  • Added support for Forge’s new ExplosionEvent
  • Somewhat improved plots. Note that this change breaks all plots.



Server (requires Forge 1258 and above) (WorldEdit is included)


About luacs1998

Light novel translator, Minecraft modder and community observer. Also a former lead developer of ForgeEssentials, now a member of the BurstLinkers translation team. "The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death."
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