[offtopic] WP Community – on OneDrive, ModernUI and why it’s worrying

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Another opinion piece from me, posted on the blog as a backup. Sorry about the title, I wanted to just write only about OD and ModernUI at first, but I see I’ve gone off tangent.

Actual post after the break.

Given the recent OneDrive issues, I think this needs to be said, but ya…

Can we all not be rabid fanboys and complain about the “death” of ModernUI and stuff becoming an Android ripoff?

Yes, you guys may think hamburger menus are horrible, go against the Modern UI standards, but let’s look at things this way. OneDrive is NOT built by the WP team, it is NOT built by OSG, it is built by the OneDrive team, who for all we know could be treated the same by OSG as any other 3rdparty developer. For all we know, the OneDrive team may no longer give a damn about ModernUI standards. Saves them money, saves them time. Build a UI for all 3 platforms, and share as much code as possible. That’s probably how those people who support WP (that MS isn’t working with) are thinking.

To me, design doesn’t really matter as long as we can get things done. Though I disagree with constant UI changes, they affect users’ workflows. However, for OneDrive, I’ll agree with you guys that the hamburger menu is completely useless.

You might want to read /u/PeripheralMediocrity ‘s comment, it contains some salient points that the new app UI has. http://www.reddit.com/r/windowsphone/comments/2kj74s/onedrive_just_got_significant_user_interface/cllweqb

Now, on to my main point.

I’m really, really, sick and tired of all the rabid fanboys demanding apps to fit in with the ModernUI standards. How many apps you know follow the Android UI? Or the new Android L flat design that’s coming? The app gap may be closing, but it is still an app gap. And we’ll need to learn to be grateful that we at least have the apps. Beggars can’t be choosers.

While you may argue that MS should be more of an example for WP apps, I really think they shouldn’t be. Not for now, at least. At Nadella’s MS, it is no longer “Windows only” or “Windows first”. While I agree that that is worrying as Windows fans, it’s a pragmatic decision. You don’t have the users, you need to get them. And here I’ll bring in the old anti-Linux war cry:

Embrace, extend, extinguish.

If that is what MS is doing now, it’s good. Here’s how I see it. Extend to opposing platforms. Embrace their users. And lastly, make a platform so good, that users won’t have any reason to stay on their current platform. We’re in the middle of the “embrace” phase. MS is building their ecosystem on opposing platforms, getting the users to come over. Then when Windows 10 is released, you’ll probably get the “extinguish” phase. All your apps, data, already on the MS ecosystem, get a Windows PC and a Windows phone for the best experience!

In summary, I’m calling for the community to put aside the fanboyism, put aside the “Android is a bogeyman that’s infecting MS”, and accept some realities. MS has changed. And so must the community. We shouldn’t moan and complain about being forced to suffer compared to other platforms, we should be proud of the fact that we are pioneers, helping to build the new MS, that we were on Windows phones first. I believe MS has had to make sacrifices, and so should we.

I really think Windows Phone hasn’t matured. And it won’t be until Windows 10 is released. Until then, I don’t know about you, but I’m going along for the bumpy, rough ride that’s the year ahead.

DISCLAIMER: Due to some issues with my 520 and having to send it in for repair, I’m currently using a Galaxy S2. All my impressions on the OD update are from Windows Central.

Go on, downvote me. You know you want to. But I think I’m just stating facts. And sorry about the title, I wanted to just write only about OD and ModernUI at first, but I see I’ve gone off tangent.

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