[offtopic] WP Community – on recent leaks, bad press and what I think MS should do

Cross-posted from here, kept on my blog for semantics 😉 This was originally posted on the 14th of July, I just haven’t an opportunity to post it here.

This is a post regarding a few observations of mine on the Windows Phone community. I tend to write a lot so there might be more coming 🙂

Actual post after the break (it’s rather long, beware)

Recent leaks have shown that there are internal efforts at MS to attempt to run droid apps on WP. As many before me have said, that is akin to dropping the platform altogether, as 8.1 in its current state has little to differentiate it from the competition.

However, what I feel more strongly about is not the leaks, but rather, the angle at which major tech blogs are looking at it (yes, ArsTechnica, I’m looking at you). It might just be my inner fanboy, but the article reeks of fearmongering to me.

Such articles cause developers to lose faith in Windows. They do not see a future in the platform. Hence, the developers will NOT come to the Windows platform. This is not the first time – it has happened many times before, and what have Microsoft been doing? Nothing.

I understand that Nadella’s Microsoft is attempting to reinvent itself to be platform-agnostic. But THIS IS NOT THE TIME. You have a struggling platform, being given the cold shoulder by the public and badmouthed by press. You need to drive adoption of this platform.

IMO what MS doesn’t understand is, that if you can get people on Windows, and bake in excellent Microsoft service implementations, then users will naturally flock to MS services. Get my point? WINDOWS IS KEY. MS needs to do something about all these negative press. Give the tech blogs something positive to write about. Cortana was a step in the right direction, but they’re not there yet.

MS needs to restore public, and by extension developer, confidence in the WinRT platform. That, is what I think needs to be done, not just by adding new, killer features, but by quashing rumours like that which cause users and devs to lose faith in MS and the Windows platform.

They can start by showing a focus on their apps. Windows releases first, even if it means holding on to other ports for X amount of time. Remote Desktop for example. And that recent furore over that MSResearch app.

I do not ask much, just for MS to give a bit more love to Windows. Nothing makes money forever, and now Windows isn’t. They need to do something about it, and fast, before droid and iOS get too much of a lead, and the opportunity is lost.

As a faithful Windows convert, my next phone will still be a WP. There are however people who do not think the way I do. They are losing faith in the platform.

TL;DR: Do something about your platform, Microsoft.


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